Why Your Family Needs A Meet-Up Plan

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Creating a Family Meet Up PlanTaken from my book, Being Prepared for SHTF Situations, coming out in May, 2015.

Has your family developed a meet-up plan yet? When a situation arises that calls for you to bug out, a meet up-plan, created and practiced ahead of  time is critical for safety and perhaps even survival. If an emergency situation occurs when your family is not all together, it is essential that everyone knows the plan. In situations that call for you to get out, it’s usually because something extreme or even life threatening is going on and it is likely that communication lines will not be available.

When you don’t have a plan, it’s an open invitation for chaos and fear to settle in. Where there is chaos, usually panic is close by. Panic leads to mistakes or bad decisions.

With heightened emotions, valuable time is often lost trying to figure out what to do. The time to know where you’re going to meet up is before you ever need to. When a SHTF situation occurs, you need to be ahead of the game — especially families with young children.

If a SHTF situation occurs, you might be in one area while your significant other is in another. If you have children, some of them could be at school while another might be at daycare. If you are responsible for an elderly parent, that person may be in a senior high-rise or a nursing home.

Without a plan:

  • you’ll waste valuable time – time that could make a difference in bringing your family safely together again.
  • you might rush out the door to pick up one child while thinking that your significant other will take care of picking up the other one. If you don’t have the ability to communicate with each other because cell phone service is jammed or completely unavailable, you won’t know if you should run to keep finding your family members or not.
  • it will be easy to lose track of family members. If you have elderly parents that you look out for, this can compound a SHTF situation because you’ll need to make sure that you or someone else gets to them.

On the other hand, if you DO have a meet up plan, you’ll know ahead of time the part that everyone is supposed to play in the event of a SHTF disaster.

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out what step to take next, you’ll be able to focus on what you should be doing – which is getting to safety. By creating a meet-up plan, you’ll know the roads you’re supposed to take to get there and the area where everyone is supposed to reconnect.

Don’t forget to have a back up plan, too – because what if the place you plan to meet at is dangerous or no longer accessible? While a SHTF situation will be extremely unnerving, you can lessen the stress if you’re prepared.

When you know who is going to handle getting your family members and the place where you’re all to meet up, it can make everything run smoother and your chances of gathering together again safely will be greater. The emotional impact will be lessened and you’ll be able to concentrate on survival, together.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which will cover what to consider when creating a family meet-up plan. In the meantime, sign up to my newsletter to get survival tips, strategies and give-aways!


~Sarah (Survival Grandma)



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