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survival grandma live joyfullyMy blog tagline is to live joyfully, not fearfully. Be prepared. Oftentimes the survivalist mentality is one of fear, but if we work to always be as prepared as possible, we can let go of fear and live in the moment-to-moment joy.

I scoured the Internet looking for more wisdom on how to live joyfully and I found a great post by Gail Brenner called 10 Steps to Mastering the Art of Joyful Living.

In this post, Gail speaks about being silent and still (Step 1), using your senses (Step 5) and living in forgiveness (Step 7), among other important concepts. One “step” that rang true for me right now was her Step 2, which is “Clean Up.” Now that it is spring, my family is in full swing to clean up and clean out. Our house is very tiny and there is nothing that steals one’s joy faster than clutter.

As a survivalist, keeping order is paramount. If you are finding clutter getting in the way of your joy, or if the thought of starting to clean out is overwhelming, carve out a few minutes each week and start with just one room. Start with the room that is in the best shape so that you will feel success quickly.

I promise that you will feel joyful and content as the clutter begins to subside.

Comment below. What helps you to refocus on the joy of life?

~Sarah (Survival Grandma)

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