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A little bit of a departure to my normal survival and prepper type posts today. Like so many survivalists who work hard to get their knowledge into the hands of others for the day when the SHTF, I have been making videos in addition to blogging. There is usually a fairly deep expense and a steep learning curve whenever I pick up a new piece of software to make video creation easier, faster, better.

Yesterday I learned of Video Motion Prowhich is being touted as the replacement to Camtasia. Camtasia does have some features that Video Motion Pro does not, however, VMP has many features that Camtasia does not and the price tag is significantly lower: $49-$69 (Early Bird Special) vs. $300.

Video Motion Pro

So, I bought VMP to explore and to compare to Camtasia.

Here are my thoughts. VMP, like I said, is less expensive than Camtasia, by as much as 6x. It is also super easy to use. While Camtasia has a steep learning curve (I’m still learning the ins and outs and I’ve owned it for more than a year), I was able to pick up VMP within an hour of having purchased. VMP comes complete with fabulous Intros and Outros, which makes creating stunning videos pretty simple, even for the creatively-challenged person, like myself. You can also add multiple video and audio tracks (which I find helpful and awesome) and you can upload it right to YouTube, saving a bit of time and hassle.

On the downside, Camtasia does screen capture better than VMP, although I actually prefer Screencast-o-matic even over Camtasia.

In short, if you are a prepper or survivalist who enjoys making videos to share information to teach or just for fun, Video Maker Pro is much easier to use and much less expensive than Camtasia. It is a good choice for video creation.

So tell me what you think. What is your favorite video creation software?

~Sarah (Survival Grandma)

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