Spark Fire Starter Bracelet

Paracord Fire Starter Bracelet can be disassembled very easily to reveal 9FT of cordage for use in an EMERGENCY situation

WATERPROOF & MILDEW RESISTANT Mil-Spec PARACHUTE Cord – Inner Strands can be tied together for 60+ feet of cordage for use as fishing line or stitching a torn tent or clothing

Use the STAINLESS STEEL Striker/Cutter to strike MAGNESIUM FIRE ROD to make a SPARK to start a FIRE

Metal Striker can be used to cut the Paracord Bracelet and Inner Strands or Use as a BOX CUTTER – Use WHISTLE to ALERT or SIGNAL others that you need help in an emergency situation – Use the Fire Starter to make a signal fire and signal for help from great distances

Everyone on the planet needs an EMERGENCY FIRE STARTER like this on their wrist! Be friendly and buy another for a friend or loved one that you want to be safe!

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