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Prepper Entrepreneurs

Preppers and Survivalists, I have found, wear many hats. They are head of their households, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. Community leaders and job holders. Many are also entrepreneurs. Whether they own their own business to create a better life for their family or to...

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Wilderness Survival Field Guide

If you are looking for a great wilderness survival field guide, check out this one by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury. Bushcraft 101 is based on the 5Cs of Survivability–covering, cutting tools, containers, combustion devices, and cordages. This New York Times Bestseller field guides covers some of the...

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Choosing A Good Sleeping Bag

  In this video by BackPackers Review, see how to choose a good sleeping bag.   Whether out with the family camping, or preparing for something longer, having a good sleeping bag is essential. Check out this great emergency sleeping bag! Live Joyfully! Be Prepared!

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Weekly Dose of Joy!

My blog tagline is to live joyfully, not fearfully. Be prepared. Oftentimes the survivalist mentality is one of fear, but if we work to always be as prepared as possible, we can let go of fear and live in the moment-to-moment joy. I scoured the...

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Will Your Site Survive MobileGeddon?

This is two posts in a row that is slightly off topic, but since I know that many of my followers have blogs of their own, I wanted to write up a short post about Google’s new algorithm change. Even the WallStreet Journal is talking...